Matte Fiber HTPLA - Blue

Matte Blue PLA Filament

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A bold alternative to Carbon or Glass Fibers, Blue Matte Fiber HTPLA uses plant fibers for texture and sheen. Great for both artistic and technical parts with no special hardware required!

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Designer Finish + Engineering Performance for Every Printer!

A bright alternative to Carbon or Glass Fibers, Blue Matte Fiber HTPLA uses plant fibers great looks in both artistic and technical parts with no special hardware required!


Printed parts have a low luster, textured surface which creates a highly desirable contrast between light and shadow. Texture, color, and sheen can be somewhat manipulated by printer settings as well as post-processing. Printed parts can also be smoothed or weathered with paint for alternate aesthetics. The plant-based fibers lend well to adhesion of paint and other aesthetic coatings.


Based on Proto-pasta HTPLA, this Matte Fiber version can be heat treated to retain more stiffness to higher temperatures. Dimensional stability is improved compared to HTPLA without fibers. The plant-based fibers improve adhesion of glues and coatings. Performance is similar to Carbon Fiber HTPLA but processing of Matte Fiber does NOT require a wear resistant nozzle.


No special hardware or nozzles are required for this plant-based composite. This material is not overly brittle, but is stiff and will break under excessive load. It prints like PLA on non-heated beds. Suggested print temperature is 190-230C, but we had good luck with a slow 1st layer at 230C on cold blue tape and 210C thereafter for a balance of strength and aesthetic.

This material does absorb moisture and dry filament is recommend for best results. When saturated with moisture, this material oozes more readily. Lowering flow and/or temperatures can minimize oozing and improve detail, though higher temperatures are recommended for best mechanical properties. With higher temperatures, ooze artifacts can be removed post build.


This material can be shaved/carved with a sharp blade for a smooth finish. Experiment with weathering or other painting techniques for a unique look. Also, expect improved bonding strength with glue compared to plastic without fiber.

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Marcus B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love it.

Very nice material. Nothing like it.

Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant Matte Fiber HTPLA - Blue Review

Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant

Thanks for making beautiful things with Protopasta!

Marcus B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Matte Finish

Heard that this color is going away! But this is a great product with a great finish and unique color. Please consider keeping it in the lineup!

Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant Matte Fiber HTPLA - Blue Review
United States United States


Tricky to dial in, but I’m no expert. Works great for my needs. Water-based joint compound sticks very well, saving me lots of time in non-toxic post processing.


One of My Favorites

I received a spool of this as a gift, and I absolutely love it. It does ooze a bit, and it does leave behind more strings than other filaments I have used, but it's a great product. The matte texture hides layer lines really well too. Just be sure follow the recommended print settings and don't hesitate to reach out to their support for help. I had a lot of trouble with this filament initially, but after talking to support we figured out it was an issue with my hotend. I ended up replacing it and now my printer is working better than ever! Solid Filament from a solid company.

Gene D.

Fabulous Filament

I had first bought the sampler, calibrated the printer (extruder flow and filament width - which btw, was bang-on at 1.75 with 5 measurements), and printed a few Proto Gnomes. They were fabulous. The matte texture of pieces were striking. My sample tests were success! But, for my upcoming projects I needed full roll. With the fresh full roll I a over 15 hours on my Prusa MK3 (temp 215c first layer, 220c afterwards, .15 layer height). The prints completed with no issues. While I did get the aforementioned stringiness they really are easy clean in post. Either just scraping them off or (I've heard) a heat gun will do, as well. This Matte Blue filament has become my favorite. I can't wait to order the red and green Mattes. And am looking forward to the copper metal composites!

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