Endless PLA #20 (August 2022) - 3 New Nebula Filaments

What’s your favorite Protopasta filament? For many of you, it's Nebula.

This month, Nebula, Protopasta’s original multicolor transition filament, gets the full glitter treatment! We’re adding 6x more silver glitter to our original Nebula (NEB) multicolor translucent transition to create Nebula Stardust (NSD). That’s right, we dialed up the sparkle to remove any subtleties for more star-infused intergalactic goodness. You're welcome! ;-)

The additional silver sparkles are really something, but we didn’t stop there. We had to try out gold and rainbow glitter as well. The result? Nebula Gold Dust (NGD) and Nebula Rainbow (NRB).  Each glitter color brings distinct undertones and sparkles for 3 unique filaments.

Nebula astro buddies

 Astronaut design by Flexi Factory.

Nebula Stardust has a slightly darker, cool gray undertone compared to the original, but with more silver sparkles. Nebula Gold Dust has a warm undertone along with the bright gold sparkles. Nebula Rainbow’s addition of multicolor glitter brings a darker undertone, but with a cosmic confetti explosion that’ll leave the Big Bang feeling jealous. It’s multicolor squared! ;-)

Don’t fear the glitter! Even those with glitter anxiety can enjoy these fun filaments because they all print easy like PLA and with no glitter mess. We make sure every "glit" has gotten into the filament before leaving the Protoplant, and it won’t come out even if you ask politely.

Well, what do you think? Did you find a new favorite this month? Do you want even more Nebula options? Let us know and enjoy!

Happy printing,

Alex and the Protopasta Team


Parameters like below should work well on all printers, but 3D printing is complicated and sometimes tricky. Please don't hesitate to reach out to support@protoplant.com for printing assistance.

Machine(s): Prusa MK2/3, Prusa Mini, Creality Ender 3, etc.
Nozzle: 0.4 mm standard or plated brass w/ heater block sock
Nozzle Temp: 205 - 235 C      Bed Temp: 60 C      Bed Type: PEI
Bed Prep: Clean w/ water or alcohol; Magigoo for additional adhesion + easy release when cool

Outlines: 3      Top/Bot layers: 6     Infill type: Grid     Infill: 30%     
0     Min layer time: 0     Min Speed: 0          Fill gaps: no     Expansion: 0

Layer height Ext width Speed Fan
 1st Layer 0.21 mm 0.42 mm 20 mm/s all over 0%
Rest of print 0.21 mm 0.42 mm

20 mm/s outline

40 mm/s infill


Some 3D printer hardware is more finicky than others, but most machines perform well with 2-4 cu mm/s or more volume flow rate. A Bondtech heatbreak moves the PTFE junction farther away from the hotend for less finicky printing on the Prusa Mini. For Prusa MKs with stock heatbreak, swapping to e3d v6, lite6, or revo components or slice engineering hotend can reduce hang-ups.

All 3D printers can benefit from a calibrated first layer that is not too close to the build platform. Leaving enough room for material to come out without restriction, yet still close enough to stick, is key for more trouble-free printing. Check out our getting started page for more tips, tricks, and insight!
Coils are a great way to get started with Protopasta! Having trouble with loose coils? Check out this awesome printable spool that only takes 50g of filament!


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