Creality Compatibility

Thanks for first considering our getting started page. Now let's get into some more details specific to Creality 3D Printers.

Creality Ender 3 - Your Ender can print Protopasta!  This machine let's you know it's limits nicely with an audible click when it cannot extrude. This makes it great to learn limits of the stock hotend and bowden drive system as well as first layer distance and leveling. The stock hotend doesn't allow high temperatures with the PTFE in the middle of the melt zone, but the placement of the PTFE junction does make it tolerant of low temperatures and low volume rates. This makes the Ender good for detail prints as long as you mind the layer fan does not excessively cool the nozzle. I don't recommend modifying the printer before learning it's limits. It can and will print well up to 4 cu mm/s volume rate when properly setup. And when you are ready to tinker with the Ender to get more out of it than in stock form, check out CHEP's YouTube.