Free Shipping

Customers in the lower 48 States can enjoy free shipping for orders with a product total of $49+ after discounts. Free shipping is a discount to you and not free for us. It's can cost us 25% or more of your order total on small orders. Therefore, when you choose free shipping, we choose the lowest cost method. The lowest cost method varies depending on size, weight, and location.

Free shipping can take a day or a week. If you require a specific method, especially expedited, please pay for shipping or provide a shipping account number and method in your order notes.

We ship daily from our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington USA, but orders are typically processed at 9 AM PST on business days (week days except holidays). Orders made after 9 AM PST may not be processed until the following day. Please know this when choosing expedited shipping methods.

If timing is critical, you can always make a note on your order and contact us to see what we can do.