Our Team

About our Team:

Experts in machine design and manufacturing, leading the market in 3D Printing Innovation.

Dustin Cram - Founder & Lead Engineer

Founder of Protoplant and a licensed Professional Engineer, Dustin Cram leads electro-mechanical design of our extrusion machinery and is an expert in materials processing. He is co-inventor on several patents, has hardware on the Solar Dynamics Observatory currently flying in space, and is passionate about design and manufacturing. Always tinkering, Dustin loves to research and rapidly prototype, test, and evolve new ideas. When not at the shop, Dustin enjoys time with his family and exploring the beautiful Northwest.

Alexander Dick - Co-founder & Partner


Having worked in 3D Printing since 2004, Alex brings industry-specific experience to Protoplant. Educated as an engineer, the first 10 years of his career were spent focused on industrial 3D Printing machinery operation, applications, training, and pre/post-sales support of EOS laser sintering systems. Driven by a passion to defy convention and define the Proto-pasta brand, Alex seeks to expand the materials palette.  His mission, to explore the intersection of craft and technology, express that experience through the Protopasta brand, and cultivate positive social and environmental impact in doing so. Improved access to 3D Printing has created a more broad and social culture of innovation, and he's super-excited to be an influencer and pioneer in this space. When not at the shop, Alex's wife, Keri, and two girls, Teagan and Imogen, keep him busy.  Any spare moment is spent pursuing personal passion for surfing, food, travel, automobiles, 3D printing, and community.

Aaron Cram - Co-founder & Software Engineer

Aaron was integral in the initial kickstarting of the Protopasta brand. Armed with a degree in computer science, Aaron not only creates the custom software for our extruders, but also provides valuable ongoing troubleshooting and engineering support. As Dustin's older brother, he is always there for moral support and a trusted alternate perspective. Aaron is the perfect creative compliment for our team (not to mention a master at the art of making puns). When he's not experimenting with new lines of code, Aaron enjoys pondering the mysteries of the universe somewhere quiet in the woods.

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