Protopasta x CM Designs Collaboration

In 2022, Protopasta collaborated with Filament Stories to showcase Protopasta filaments. Thank you Courtney and Chris for your wonderful videos! Filament Stories’ videos would not be possible without beautiful 3D Printable designs from designers like 3DPrintBunny3DPrintyClockspringCM DesignFixumdudeFlexi FactorySara Prints 3D, and McGybeer. Thank you! Your shapes make Protopasta shine and give our filament purpose.

As the designer and manufacturer of Protopasta filament, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our filament used to print beautiful designs by our favorite designers. Sometimes we send some filament to support our favorite designers, and we found ourselves doing this more and more for one designer in particular last year just to see his designs in Protopasta.

CM b1


Corey Marchetti of CM Designs includes both functional and aesthetic elements in his designs, but they are also playful and professional. Corey’s style is relatable as he seeks to strike the same balance we do at Protopasta. We both want to create unique, high quality results. Sometimes serious. Sometimes fun. Always exceptional. And a little something extra that resonates.

As a natural extension of the common ground we’ve found, Protopasta and CM Designs are collaborating in 2023. Corey will make Protopasta-insipred designs! We kicked things off with a brainstorm session that included the entire Protopasta team and we’re looking to Protopasta’s history for design inspiration. Our first collaborative design publishes in February 2023.

CM b2


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More about Corey and CM Designs:

Corey started his 3D printing journey in high school where he learned how to use CAD software. He was able to experience the early age of consumer printing. He knew then that he wanted to be a part of the 3D printing world. After graduating high school Corey went to college to study product design. He began utilizing 3D printing as an efficient way to prototype ideas. Corey started a career as an industrial designer where he used 3D printing to sell ideas to clients. He was experienced in both the design and prototyping of various products.

CM b3


Now Corey uses 3D printing to make playful, but practical products to decorate one's home. CM Designs is a culmination of everything he has learned through his academic and professional life. CM Designs aims to inspire creativity and has partnered with Protopasta to help this vision flourish.

Looking for more models from Corey? Get his designs on Patreon or Cults3D!