Our Product

Exceptional Quality - Purpose-built filament extrusion with closed-loop diameter feedback & air cooling for moisture-free production.

Leading Performance - HTPLA can be heat treated for higher temperature stability than standard PLA. HTPLA offers exceptional performance & finish for your functional prototypes & end-use parts.

Less Waste - HTPLA, like standard PLA, has an eco-friendly, bio-renewable origin with less out-gassing & nano-particle emissions than most plastics. Further, we source locally-made, 100% recyclable cardboard spools that are both lightweight to ship & locally recyclable.

Made by Makers - Best of all, Protopasta is made by engineering professionals at Protoplant passionate about making things & improving our world just like you! When you purchase Protopasta, you can feel good about supporting small business, future innovation, the environment & hard working folks that love 3D Printing, technology & tinkering as much as you do!!!