Global Resale Partners

A big part of making 3D Printing more interesting and useful is through improved access to unique materials. We want you to find Protopasta where you shop! We receive regular inquiries about reselling Protopasta filaments (inquire here).

Below is a list with some of our resellers. Contact us if you find we're missing a reseller or if you find a listed reseller is not active. If a reseller in your region does not have the Protopasta you want, please encourage them to get it or get it for yourself! We ship worldwide and with new, low rates from FedEx, there has never been a better time to purchase Protopasta!

United States - Amazon PrimeHartSmart ProductsLulzbotMatterHackers, Micro CenterPlug n' Play 3DPrintAPot.techPrinted Solid, Ultimate 3D Printing Store
OEM Printer Manufacturers - Lulzbot, Tinkerine
Australia - Bilby 3D
Canada - Digitmakers.caTech Shop Canada, Tinkerine
Czech Republic - Elegant3D
France - ATOME3D, Imprimante3DFrance
Germany - Comprise IT Systeme GmbHFilament World, FilaFarm
Iceland - 3D Verk
Japan - Ayard Corporation, System Inn Nakagomi K.K.
New Zealand - 3DEA
Norway - 3DNet
Peru - 3D Print Peru
Portugal - EVOLTfilament2print
Singapore - Reify 3D
South Korea - 37-3ReLab
Spain - filament2print
Switzerland - 3DWare, 3D-Printerstore
Taiwan - 3DPW
United Kingdom - 3D FilaPrint, Ram Peripherals