Thanks for making cool stuff and keeping Protopasta in mind when doing so. If you need support trialing, qualifying, or demonstrating use for Protopasta, we're here for you! We'd love to hear about what you'll make and support you in it!!!

We can support you with knowledge and materials, but first, we'll need more information to qualify your project for sponsorship. You can contact us with:

  • Photos, drawings, and/or models of your intended print(s)
  • An explanation of the application and/or end use
  • Material(s) and quantities required for your print(s) 
  • Proposed timeline and deliverables

Timeline should be finite and appropriate for the project. If the project is large and ambiguous, consider splitting it up into smaller sub-projects that can be more easily and tangibly communicated and completed. Example deliverables are:

  • Exploring and qualifying materials for use in your business
  • Communication through various media (collaborator posts like on Instagram are a great option)
  • Providing your published work to share

We also require agreement to our Code of Conduct.

Please submit above requested project details to support@protoplant.com for review. If you don't hear from us or have any additional questions, feel free to follow up to keep the conversation going.

If you want to get started printing with Protopasta before or without communicating project details for sponsorship, we can recommend Black Recycled PLA. At only $20/kg ($90/6kg with our loyalty discount), Black Recycled PLA for reliable prints without breaking the bank when finish doesn't matter (or parts will be painted). When you need something fancier, coils are an inexpensive way to get started with our composites and colors.

In any case, becoming a Protopasta customer and sharing the cool stuff that you make is a great way to get started. Sponsored or not, if sharing what's pastable publicly, we encourage you to earn credit for Protopasta with our affiliate program and utilize our bulk discounts.

Thanks for your consideration!

All our best,

The Protopasta Team