March 2023 Model - Coffee Theme

Coffee fan? Keep reading…

At Protoplant, coffee and filament have always gone hand-in-hand. We had a favorite coffee spot near our first shop, River Maiden. They made the best cappuccinos! Our coffee obsession led us to roast our own beans (directions to roast your own at the bottom of this old blog post) and make coffee filament (see below). Coffee fuels our enthusiasm and creativity.

We may no longer make coffee filament, but judging by the mostly empty cups left around the shop and in our shop sink, coffee is still very much a part of Protopasta. And that’s why we selected “coffee” as our March model theme.

In celebrating coffee, Corey Marchetti of CM Designs curated a very special design for our fellow coffee connoisseurs.

Pour Over

This beautiful pour over station has a place to tuck your filters (Hario V60 Paper Cone Filters) and is height adjustable, with a twist of each leg, to fit your favorite <7” tall cup. The filter-holding pour over cone can be 3D printed or purchased (Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Pour Over Cone). 

No supports needed, Corey printed these models with 0.2 mm layer height and 15-20% infill. This is an assembly. Part details are as follows:

  • Feet (Screws and Bases) (~20g PLA) - Print 3 screws upright, with a brim, and at a slow speed to reduce wobble. Print 3 bases.
  • Legs (~55g PLA) - Print 3 legs upright with a brim.
  • Top (~75g PLA) - Print top with the threads facing upwards away from the build plate.
  • Printed Pour Over Cone (~85g PLA) - Print with the thread towards the build plate and the cone flaring upwards away from the build plate.

Screws pop in to bases to make feet. Feet screw in to legs. Legs screw in to top.

Corey selected Double Espresso Brown (DEB) for the legs, Moonstruck White (MSW) for the top, and What Karat? Smooth Gold (SMG) for the feet. What classy colors! Reminiscent of both wood and coffee, DEB is a rich metallic brown with gold pearl for texture. MSW has a soft luster reminiscent of porcelain, while SMG has a smooth and shiny metal-like look.

With Protopasta there are so many pastabilities to make this design your own when 3D printing. Instead of DEB, choose Matte Fiber for more wood-like legs, or choose a metal composite for feet to add weight and finish with a polish or patina (learn how in our blog). How about your favorite team colors or some enthusiastic glitter to make your stand unique?

No matter which materials you choose, use 0323COFFEE for 10% off all filaments at, all March long (no order minimum) to make your own pour over stand. Why pay $50 or more for a mass-manufactured, generic pour over stand when you can make a unique-to-you one for less with only 150-235 grams of PLA-density filament?

Click an icon below to download this Pour Over Stand for free on your favorite model platform.


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Enjoy the coffee and pasta,

Alex and the Protopasta Team