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COVID-19 Announcements:
8/1/20 - Where have the last few months gone? Entertaining kids by day and working by night no longer feels like an interim response, but a new normal. Regardless, we're making it work. We balance responsibility with creative escape for a necessary recharge whenever possible. Our product is no different.

We continue to bring a mix of functionally-focused, value-oriented products to serve basic need whether for Covid-specific work, business, or pleasure. At the same time, we make room for and find balance with fun, fantastic finishes and creative, collaborative colors through Endless Pastabilities Filament Subscription. And through it all, we're here for you to share the ups and downs, the trials and triumphs.

We're working to improve our resources and communication while we continue manufacturing and supporting you. We evolve with the world to remain relevant in serving you. In all this "trying our best," we can only do so much and we will inevitably fall short somewhere, somehow. The world is imperfect and we are a work in progress.

If you can't find what you need on our Getting Started, Product, FAQ, or Blog pages, email us at support@protoplant.com. We may be working remote, but we're working hard to keep things moving in a positive direction.

Just saying hi or sharing some love? Join us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or leave our product or business a review. Clearly, we are no longer regularly updating this Covid page so be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay connected. Take care, Alex and the Protopasta Team

4/15/20 - We're pleased to share more PETG pellets arrived today which means we will begin extruding filament and shipping backorders in the next days. We will resume order taking for PETG and ship on a first come, first served basis. Also, we've created our first fundraiser page in support of BEAM, an organization printing PPE in Seattle, with volunteers that need your support for materials to continue printing PPE.
4/8/20 - Quick availability update. While we've been able to deliver filament to many who are in need, PETG is now back-ordered. Additional pellets we're planned for delivery yesterday, but we're damaged in shipping. This pallet of material is a total loss. Unfortunately, we have to wait 1-2 weeks for replacement pellets to arrive. Meanwhile Back-to-basics PLA is still available. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

4/2/20 - We're truly inspired by other manufacturers who have re-tooled to meet changing needs in this time of crisis. While the Governor has ordered the State of WA to stay at home (now until May 4th), Protoplant has been given the ok to operate a skeleton crew to meet emergency filament needs. We are now manufacturing and shipping daily with reduced staff to minimize risk. All filaments are now available for immediate shipment while in stock.

In working to do our part, we’re focusing on what we know. We’ve gone back-to-basics to address the most relevant need we can affect in this time of crisis. It’s not typically our style, but at half price or more of our typical filament, please consider Natural PLA and Clear PETG for the best value in this time of basic need.

In operating with as few folks as possible to reduce risk, please be patient as shipping products may take longer than usual. While small orders may be fulfilled next business day, please allow a few business days in fulfilling larger orders. When placing a larger order, please feel free to use our bulk discount codes below or our loyalty discount for newsletter subscribers.




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Questions? Need help putting together an order or have questions about the ordering process, our products, or how to use them? Need help of any kind? Email

Thank you for devoting your time and resources to this effort. Know others in need? Share our
covid page or basic PLA and PETG release. Spread the word that we're here to help! Together, we can all play a part in stopping the spread of this virus!!!

3/27/20 - Earlier this week, we made you aware of the Washington State Governor's order to close non-essential businesses for at least 2 weeks. We take this order seriously as we work to do the right thing in putting community health first. Like many manufacturers, we also had to make the hard decision to reduce staff. These are incomparable times in which we found acting quickly and considerately to be the best course.

We’ve also been following the conversation and development of 3D printing solutions to meet the crisis this last week. It’s clear there are many opinions and efforts working to address the medical need. There are lots of good folks trying to make a difference. In reflecting on what we can do, we realize our strength is not in understanding sites’ needs or complex design choices. We make good filament you can rely on.

If you are part of a group or organization that has identified a need, matched that with an appropriate design, and are ready to start printing, please contact us! While we are closed for retail sales and manufacturing until April 6th, it is clear there is still a need for filament to meet the challenges we face today. We’ll do what we can to meet that need. We’re here for you!

In positioning Protoplant to weather this economic storm, we plan to be here for the long haul to support your needs with 3d printing filament solutions through the Protopasta brand.

3/25/20 - Our small plant has always valued the safety and health of our employees, above all else. We’re all now being called to support our larger community, over and above that, our entire planet. This pandemic is unprecedented and unexpected. We have all found ourselves unprepared to handle it in the home, in the workplace, and even in our hospitals. We’ve all been called to pivot our thinking, change the way we work, live, play, eat, love. Protoplant is no different.

The state of WA has been ordered to Stay At Home, and shut down all non-essential work for a minimum of two weeks. Unfortunately, this includes our Pasta team. Protoplant will cease operations come 5 PM on Wednesday, 3/25. The shop will be closed until April 6, at the earliest.

All orders placed before 8 AM on 3/25 will be fulfilled, pending stock levels. Anything submitted after that time cannot be guaranteed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@protoplant.com.

We thank everyone who is staying at home during this time of uncertainty. We all need to do our part to keep everyone healthy. #StaySafe #StayAtHome

COVID-19 Action Timeline:

4/2/20 - Ready to communicate were resuming manufacturing and shipping operations including delivery of  basic PLA and PETG filaments.

3/31/20 - Begin producing basic PLA and PETG filaments to meet crisis need.

3/30/20 - Protopasta team meeting daily to access need and what we can do to meet it. Okay from state to resume basic operations to meet need. Coordinating with team for safe and effective production.

3/28/20 - Coordinating manufacturing and delivery of PETG filament for local 3D printing meetup.

3/27/20 - Face shield design approval based on filament sent on 3/20 to Seattle to help make prototypes. PLA filament delivered to our local 3D printing meetup. Help them print! Inspired to see all the work being done by locally, nationally, and internationally. Check out this design by Eugene at Tinkerine in Canada.

3/26/20 - Pivoting to identify and meet filament need for organizations and groups printing on behalf of medical professionals and facilities. Complete our request for filament based on emergency need.

3/25/20 - Shipping 100s of kg to meet need before mandatory shut down for 2 weeks by order of Washington Governor.

3/24/20 - Connecting with 3d printers that have identified need for devices and need filament to make them.

3/23/20 - Working with local community to support prototyping the Budmen design (downloadable here in case the Budmen site is down) to get it in the field for review by local medical professionals in need.

3/22/20 - Creating a focal page for COVID-19. Looking to connect to local, national, and international resources to first serve local need and contribute however possible to the national and international effort.

3/20/20 - Shipping materials to Seattle for medical device prototyping.

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