Daydreaming - A Protopasta update (Summer 2024)

It's been a long time since writing a blog that wasn't for a subscription, but here I sit making updates to, preparing newsletters, and pondering present and future communication (and products). I see doom and gloom articles about companies like Braskem giving up on 3D Printing, but we've seen this many times over the years...

Some companies try on 3D printing, but soon give up. This is what we do! We're not giving up!!!

That's not to say what we make and how we make it doesn't change (featured image made with Midjourney). We are constantly experimenting. For instance, this year we challenged ourselves to get back to our passion for performance-based materials with our Endless Exploration Subscription while our color-focused Endless PLA Subscription celebrates 5 years of dedicated subscribership.

Collaboration is blossoming with our 3rd Endless Exploration being supported by Lubrizol to bring Protopasta's first flexible and TPU filaments to market. We can't wait to share new products and learnings in July 2024's Endless Exploration shipment. Subscribe to Endless Exploration by June 30th for July's shipment.

Our collaboration with Corey Marchetti (CM Design) continues to blossom as well. Corey challenges himself to make a new design every 2 weeks for posting on various model platforms (links below) as well as showcase other designers on Instagram. These other designers are overwhelmingly appreciative of having their designs printed and shown in Protopasta. It's a collaborative win!



Speaking of printing, some of our kiddos just participated in a local junior market selling 3D prints. Our families love McGybeer designs. Everyone loves the look and feel of Articulated Dragons especially in beautiful Protopasta. We were inspired by our children in seeing how fun, engaging 3D prints can connect to people. This is why Protopasta 3D prints are now in Microcenter and at

3D prints get folks interested in 3D printing and Protopasta. It shows them what's possible! It's a great way for folks who don't want to 3D print to enjoy the result of it as well. Win-win.

Filament printing has come so far in the last 10 years (especially the last 1-2) that you can get a good experience more easily and reliably. The capability of and our trust in 3D printing continues to grow and that's good for our business, your business, and this industry! Speaking of business, do you know about our bulk discounts perfect for businesses?

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Thanks for supporting our dream,

Alex and the Protopasta Team

P.S. And have some wonderful daydreams of your own this summer!