Introducing the NEW Protopasta Spool!

Meet our new 500 g industry-leading design created by ProtoPlant specifically for 3D Printing filament.  It's good all the way to the core!

The new Proto-pasta Spool: Performance Optimized, Lightweight and Earth FriendlyWhat's cool about this spool?

  • It has a bigger core, which means happier filament (no more tight spirals when you reach the end of the spool)
  • It has a level window, so no more guessing how much filament is left, you can see it!
  • It's made from 100% recyclable pressed chipboard for a happier planet.
  • And it looks rad!!!

 After several design iterations ad prototypes, the spools are now headed to mass production. We're quite pleased with it, and hope you enjoy the improved printing and packaging experience!