12 Things for Christmas

So we wanted to do a special twist on the "12 Days of Christmas" for y'all who love to make "things", especially those that like to include your families in the process.  Growing up in a 3D household, my 3 year old daughter, Teagan, is already familiar with 3D Printing and has been building imaginary printers out of Lego's for some time now. She also knows her Dad makes filament and that filament goes in a 3D Printer.  Not bad for a 3 year old, right?  These little people are pretty sharp.  I'd be surprised if she isn't making her own 3D Prints next year as a 4 year old...and I'm sure she'll be explaining to and teaching her little sister to do the same.  So here is to a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year!  Enjoy some 3D Printing time with your family!!!

Peace, Love & Pasta from our family to yours, Alex

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