World's Best Performing, Universally 3D Printable Carbon Fiber Filament

More than 2 years ago, ProtoPlant launched Proto-pasta brand 3D Printer filament through kickstarter, introducing the World's First Carbon Fiber for 3D Printing along side High Temperature PLA.  Since then, we've reformulated High Temperature PLA (HTPLA) for higher performance and improved ease of use.  Last week, we announced HTPLA-CF, a combination of these products into our highest performing PLA to date!  We're calling this a "super-material" because it is universally processable on third-party material accepting 3D Printers and it's performance far exceeds standard PLA as well as ABS and PET-like materials!!!  We're always excited, but extra excited about what this material is capable of.  From accurate, stable, high performing prototypes to durable, stiff drone parts ready for a hot day on the tarmac - all from a renewable bio-plastic.  Can't wait to explore the many functional applications!  Just introduced, try it here and use the code WORLDSBESTCF to save $10/spool this month only!!!