Closer to Custom: Protopasta's Endless Pastabilities Subscription

Protopasta introduced Stardust glitter filament in 2016 thus venturing into a new world of dynamic, sparkly filaments. Getting started in sparkly brought several challenges including understanding how the various sparkles and pigments interact with each other, sourcing them, building a masterbatch library, and finally deciding on recipes. BTW choosing recipes was more of a challenge than you might expect. Having a specific color goal goes a long way, hence the 6 months between our first sparkly release, Stardust, and number 2, Highfive blue

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The Highfive blue collaboration in 2017 with 3D Printing Nerd, Joel Telling, was a much-needed catalyst for sharing more colors, enabling a new way to connect with the 3D Printing Community. Tom Sanladerer found making an ugly green was not possible, and his Lotus-inspired orange became TOM (Tangerine Orange Metallic). Local artists and etsy store team, Maz and Attero, contributed to help create Protopasta's metallic purple and teal.

More filament-making videos here

Through these explorations, we've learned that color is individual, and it also connects us. The next evolution of color and community became the Protopasta Experience, our filament-making workshop. This is the ultimate opportunity for individuals to get in touch with the filament-making process, creating a color personal to them.

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With so many possibilities to create new colors, we're still limited in re-sharing unique color creations with the broader community. The Endless Pastabilities Subscription is our newest way to share more unreleased colors with you!

So where does this all lead? Well, it gets us closer to custom, made-to-order filaments. We can't stock every possible filament, but maybe with a different approach we can bring you more variety? Subscribe to our product loyalty newsletter using the form below for notifications on the latest releases, informative content, and product discounts.