Ready, set, refresh - a new look for Protopasta


At Protoplant, we are constantly driven by an unrest in wanting to accomplish more. Last Fall, that feeling peaked so we started exploring ways to elevate communication beyond our time and abilities. While the new Protopasta branding isn't a product of COVID-19, we did decide to keep the work going as the Coronavirus Pandemic reached the US.



With a mix of chosen and forced change, we made it work and are excited to share the result with you. Special thanks to our friends at Nice Touch for a heavy contribution in achieving this transformation.

The process didn't take us where we first thought we'd go, but Protoplant and Nice Touch demonstrated exceptional creative flexibility. If you're a geek for process and 3D printing like we are, you'll be pleased to know we designed and 3D printed fixtures to present the filament as you see it. These fixtures are the invisible heroes that you'll never see when appreciating the final result.



With all this visual change, it's important to know ownership, leadership, and product is unchanged. We're making the same great filament you've grown to love. We're hoping this change better conveys how exceptionally beautiful, precise, and unique our filament is. We hope you see how beautiful printing with Pasta can be.

We chose the icosahedron because it's fancy, but not too fancy. It's technical and precise, but creative. It shows a great variety of lighting conditions so you can better understand color and finish. It's the perfect complement to our new brand. In case you're a geek for printer settings, all icosas were printed at 0.15mm layers with 0.45 mm width, and 30 mm/s speed on Prusa MK3 and Creality Ender 3 machines.



We hope you enjoy the change and are able to find greater understanding of us and our products! If in this process you notice anything out of place or have any questions/suggestions, as always, we're here for you! Reach out to any time about any thing.

Take care, Alex and the Protopasta Team

P.S. It may take a bit to appreciate all the details. Take your time. Did you notice the icosas when hovering over buttons? They are a nice touch, right? It's in these nice touches that Nice Touch got their name. Be sure to check them out for your many creative web and media needs.