Endless Pastabilities #3 - Live at ERRF 2019

Contents: Cherry Pie, Windy Unicorn, and Grape Candy


We’re gearing up for some fun at the 2nd Annual East Coast Rep-rap Festival!

For those who don’t know, at Proto-pasta, we’re taking our show on the road! When we began our workshops a year ago, we wanted to give our fans the chance to experience everything we do here in Vancouver, WA. However, we recognize it’s just not feasible for *all* of our fans to make the trip to the Pacific Northwest. So we’ve reconstructed our extrusion line so it’s almost pocket-sized (well, for those with big pockets!), and packed it up just for our fans.

It’s journeyed across the country over 9 long days and nights, and is ready to start making some fresh pasta! If you’re able to stop by the show in Bel Air, MD, come check us out! We’re extruding our 3 subscription colors *LIVE* over the course of the event.

red purple blue 3d printer filaments

This month’s colors were created by workshop attendees Nathan and Serenity Prewett, a father/daughter duo sharing a love of all things printed.

Cherry Pie and Windy Unicorn, both created by Serenity, were imagined on the spot. They compliment each other so well, and all the glitter in that blue shade is sure to shine!

Grape Candy, created by Nathan, was a recreation of one of his favorite colors. He came to the workshop hoping to color match a specific item, and we think we hit the mark!

Cherry Pie Grape Candy Windy Unicorn Proto-pasta filament gnomes

Together these 3 colors form a beautiful family of colors that we’re proud to show off at #ERRF2019. And for all our subscribers who join us at ERRF, we even have a special fourth color in store! Stop by the booth to snag your treasures!

We’re excited to share our extrusion process with you!

We hope you enjoy these stunning colors as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see what you create! We’ve provided a printing suggestion for you over on our Instructables page. Check it out! Keith has also provided a new spool that only requires 50g per side, and makes it super easy to manage your coils!

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