Endless Pastabilities #7 - Translucent, Fine Pearl

Contents: Watermelon Crush, Summertime Green, and Spittin’ Seeds Gray

Last month, we told you the story of Mike Benner and his cookie cutter business. He and his wife, Shey, have really made a name for themselves in the cookie cutter world. Specializing in cookie cutters and decorating tools, one of their most popular items is a unique subscription box: 4 distinctive cookie cutters of a chosen theme, all 3d printed in Mike’s garage print farm, shipped out monthly for all your at-home decorating desires! 

While cookie cutters are their business, their hearts lie in the ability to do what’s needed. So when the call came for 3d printed PPE, they didn’t hesitate to pivot their business and get organized. Mike got in touch with local hospitals, identified their needs, and jumped right in! We shipped him over 250kg of material. He produced face shields around the clock for local hospitals and frontline workers. When all’s said and done, he was able to make almost 9500 face shields! 

We know that Mike’s story is one of many around the country - people coming together (safely, at a distance) to make whatever is needed to keep each other healthy. Whether it’s face shields, fabric masks, sourcing n95 masks, or distilleries making their own hand sanitizer, we’re truly inspired and wish to celebrate these everyday heroes.

To say thanks to all our frontline workers, we’ve made a fun Summertime Watermelon collection!  We’re also really loving Shey’s summertime designs! Perhaps they’ll inspire you to make some beautiful, delicious cookies for your favorite nurse, doctor, firefighter, mailman, janitor, UPS worker, grocery store clerk, teacher… 


These colors are a continuation of our last box. They all came from some color exploration around Glitter’s Mane, and all have the same silky, satiny look and feel. These playful shades are sure to bring some light and fun to your printing!

If you’d like to help out with PPE and aren’t sure where to get started, contact your local Masks for Docs representative to see where there’s a need. You can also find plans for printing your own face shield on Prusa’s website. Or check out our favorite accessories! A portion of all proceeds will go towards Seattle Children’s Hospital, UN Foundation: COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, and Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Additionally, we recognize that these are troubling times. Our resolve is truly being tested in more ways than one, and we’re hoping for some positive change on the horizon. Here’s to finding some peace and rest in this chaotic world. 

Be well, Pasta family, and stay safe