Endless PLA #22 (December 2022) - Holiday Time Inspires

For December 2022's Endless PLA, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the holiday season. Admittedly, I enjoy an enthusiastic sparkle year round, but let me tell you about the colors we’ve prepared: Fleck ‘n Forest Green, Wonder Black, and Atomic Age Gray.

Fleck 'n Forest Green Icosa

Fleck ‘n Forest Green (FNF) is in the same style as Fleck ‘n Fire Red (FFR). The big, gold glitter flecks bring warmth and texture to this glorious green. Compared to Cloverleaf Green, Fleck ‘n Forest has much larger flecks and is more translucent. They are similarly warm greens with gold undertones, but Cloverleaf has a more subtle metallic finish with less texture and translucence. Contrast with Fleck ‘n Fire Red or compliment with one or more of our many golds, silvers, or whites.

Wonder Black 

Arguably overshadowed by the likes of High Five, Winter, and other blues, I forgot how wonderful Wonder Blue is. Wonder Black (WOB), like Wonder Blue (WON), is showered with rainbow glitter. Like many sparkly filaments, it’s difficult to express in photos just how magnificent these look in person. Wonder Black is also similar to Empire Strikes Black (ESB) in style, but with a totally different vibe. It’s like the difference between strands of white and multicolor lights. Both are quite wonderful and festive, but which do you like best?

Atomic Age Gray

Last, but not least. Atomic Age Gray (AAG) may look kind of familiar until it catches the light! Based on Good Old Gray (GOG), but with a completely unexpected burst of gold glitter, this filament is something special!!! I stumbled upon it by accident when trying to design another color. To me, there is some kind of mid century vibe where you're living in both the past and future all at once. It also reminds me of Honda’s Sonic Grey Pearl which is a flat gray that reveals an unexpected metallic pop at just the right angle. Enjoy AAG all on its own, with our other December Endless PLA colors, or any of our colors. Its combination of warm and cool in a neutral color should make it quite versatile and complementary to whatever you’ve got in mind!

That’s December’s colors. I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Holidays and take care!!!

All our best,

Alex and the Protopasta Team


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