Endless PLA #29 (February 2024) - We got Glooped!

February’s Endless PLA delivery is our first with 6 new colors, 3 solids and 3 specials. Gloop was our inspiration for both the colors and digital designs.

CMxP Glooped!

What is Gloop? 3D Gloop is a specially formulated adhesive compound designed specifically for the plastics used by 3D Printers. A couple smart dudes with a good sense of humor created this useful product and fun brand. https://www.3dgloop.com/#the-founders

Andrew + Andrew

Gloop is not magic, it’s science. With a Robot Overlord as part of their lore, maybe it's a little mad science and science fiction too? This nice ‘n nerdy duo dress the part in their white lab coats, our inspiration for Lab Coat White (LCW). With a touch of violet added to make it non-yellow, it’s one cool white perfect for pop culture prints like Mr. Fusion of Back to the Future fame!!!

Mr. FusionMr. Fusion

Gloop’s newest team member, J.E.Ph.F. (Just Enough Physical Force), is a robot. Dressed in yellow like so many industrial things (KUKA robots, DeWalt tools, etc.). Yellow draws attention, like to warn, “Hey, this is a really big, strong robot!” J.E.Ph.F is our inspiration for Caution Opaque Yellow (COY) and our tea time robot replica.


A classy, classic navy blue rounds out February’s solids. It’s almost black and can substitute black for another level of class and complexity. Nice ‘n Navy Blue (NAV) is the perfect compliment to LCW and COY, don’t you think?

Solid colors

These solids are a perfect expression of our straight-forward, serious side, but what about our complex, silly side? The next models and collection of special colors say it all!

Mad ScientistFluorescent Mad Scientist

Inspired by images of mad scientists, click on the social links below for must-see videos of these prints!

Spinner stationarySpinner spinning

Messmerizing, right? The special colors you see are inspired by the types of liquids you might find in the lab. Below is some original AI inspiration made in Midjourney that even Gloop’s robot overlord could appreciate.

Midjourney AI Mad ScientistMidjourney AI Chemistry

With a touch of pearl, all three translucent colors dance in the daylight. All have a touch of fluorescence, but one glows more under blacklight than the rest! Enjoy Amber Alchemy (AMY), Gloop! Purple (GLP), and Ecto Ooze Green (EOG)!!!

Special filaments

Endless PLA subscribers get these filaments and digital designs first. In March, these filaments become available for individual purchase and digital designs will publish to your favorite model platforms.

We can't wait to see your prints! Which model(s) and color(s) are your favorite? Let us know with the social links below!

Gloop! models

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We hope you enjoy February's contents!!!

Take care and enjoy the pasta,

Alex and the Protopasta Team