Endless PLA #30 (April 2024) - Tropical Plastic Smoothie?

April's Endless PLA takes us to the tropics. Smoothie anyone?

Learn how to make one here.

One delicious dragon fruit smoothie (enjoyed by our founder's oldest daughter while on a Hawaiian vacation) inspired our colors and digital designs for April. Hearing about their vacation and dragon fruit smoothie sent our minds adrift to warmer days in a relaxing environment. Below are our Hawaiian-inspired colors:


From left to right you'll see Dragon Fruit Smoothie (DFS), Orange Papaya Smoothie (OPS), Pineapple Banana Smoothie (PBS), Sophy's Aqua Phresh (SAP), Tropical Palm Green (TPG), and Beach Bum Beige (BBB). The smoothie colors all have black fleck resembling seeds in a smoothie. This is the same fleck found in our White Marble (WHM).

Sophy Wong contributed a color and gave input as both a designer and born + raised in Hawaii. Her unique perspective and color were a wonderful addition this month! Sophy's Aqua Phresh is cool, and she took that inspiring fresh vibe to design a chill 70s Bauhaus style bracelet that you can download from Printables or Thingiverse to print for yourself.


But that's just whip cream on the smoothie. Get it? Like icing on the cake...

Corey whipped up some superb STLs for your printing pleasure this month as well!!! Along with Heidi and Sophy, Corey and I found inspiration from tropical fruit, flora, food, drink, and surf. What a beautiful collection of designs! Do you agree?

Endless PLA subscribers get the above filaments and digital designs first. In May, these filaments become available for individual purchase and digital designs will publish to your favorite model platforms. We can't wait to see your prints! Which model(s) and color(s) are your favorite? Let us know with the social links below!

We're collaborating in 2024 for more filaments and designs like these. Thank you for subscribing to Endless PLA to show your support! You'll find past models on your favorite model platforms by clicking the icons below.



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We hope you enjoy February's contents!!!

Take care and enjoy the pasta,

Alex and the Protopasta Team