Endless PLA #31 (June 2024) - Completing the rainbow

We're celebrating 5 years of Endless PLA! With filaments like Candy Rainbow, June's Endless PLA is so sweet you'll want to eat it up, but please, don't eat the pasta (just taste the rainbow - Skittles included). Rainbows were our inspiration with a goal to complete the rainbow in translucent and opaque HTPLAs.

Translucent orange and opaque purple were our only missing HTPLA colors. Now we have red, yellow, and blue plus orange, green, and purple in translucent and solid finishes! Rounding out the SOLIDS, we're adding a beautiful Magenta as well. Introducing Nerfed Translucent Orange (NEO), Bluish Opaque Purple (BOP), and Raspberry Jam Translucent Magenta (JAM).

Nerfed Orange (NEO) is Out of Darts Orange (ODO), but diluted until translucent. We knocked ODO down to a weaker concentration. That and being connected to a NERF-inspired color made calling it Nerfed Orange seem appropriate.

I like my purples on the blue side. No offense to those that like reddish purples, but this is a Blueish Opaque Purple (BOP). It uses the same ratio of red to blue as Erratic Indigo (ERR), so if you like ERR, you'll enjoy BOP!

Raspberry Jam Translucent (JAM) is just right thanks to Juliette's attention to detail. She designed JAM at a filament workshop. It's almost a nerfed (diluted) Blood of my Enemies, but it also has a touch of blue for the perfect magenta tone. C'est Magnifique! It's so good you could eat it, but don't (we covered this earlier).

That covers June's SOLIDS, but what about the SPECIALS? Right, back to that mention of Candy Rainbow (CRM). It's a multicolor filament with just a few, rich pellets to give distance for change with bold saturation.

We (you guessed it) nerfed CRM to make Fading Rainbow (FAR). That's right, we used a lower concentration to create a lighter, more subtle (one might say fading) rainbow. Earlier this year, the SMF 2023 Auction Winner challenged me to make subtle colors with nearly no color. That recent experience and printing some filament my girls made in December 2022 piqued my interest to create FAR.

Which leads is to this last filament for June...

Rose Gold (ROS) is formerly Stef's Armored Unicorn (AUR) featured in Endless PLA delivery #2 (2019). This was before we released subscription filaments, and when we had many fewer subscribers. Do you have or remember AUR? Reformulated, renamed, and released in July, Rose Gold is a lovely Pink with subtle warm undertones from a touch of gold in silver pearl. It's a classy classic!

Well that's June's colors, but what about June's designs?

First, some mid-year changes to make note of:

  • "SOLIDS" become "CLASSIC" and draws from our existing catalogue at the same price as SOLIDS.
  • "SPECIALS" become "CONTEMPORARY" for new releases in any finish/style PLA that we choose.
  • "BOTH" is now "COMBO" but still a mix of both for the most filament at the best price.
  • Digital NON-COMMERCIAL is discontinued because new digital designs will publish directly to model platforms every 2 weeks.
  • Digital COMMERCIAL is still included with all Endless PLA subscription levels and is still purchasable separately.

This change to digital is effective immediately with the following designs available on your favorite model platforms linked below.

Below is 3D Benchy interpreted in neon in the light (left) and dark (right). Corey lined the interior of this Raspberry Jam 3D print with EL wire and powered it with a suitable power supply tucked inside the Bluish Purple base. No it doesn't use a Rasperry Pi, but it's jammin'!

I appreciate the above nod to contemporary 3D printing nerd culture, but I also enjoy the below classically-inspired lamp. The shape is elegant and the body is classy in Rose Gold. Don't you love the stained glass look from the our rainbow multicolor filament? Printed separately, each pain contributes a unique color.

Download these designs now at the links below. In July, these filaments become available for individual purchase. We can't wait to see your prints! Which model(s) and color(s) are your favorite? Let us know with the social links below!



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We hope you enjoy June's contents!!!

Take care and enjoy the pasta,

Alex and the Protopasta Team

P.S. Any Reading Rainbow fans out there? Enjoy 20% off one purchase with the code READINGRAINBOW now until June 30th.