Joel's Highfive Blue HTPLA

Metallic Blue PLA Filament

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*1kg spools now available*

Fellow 3D Printing Nerds, we are fans of Joel Telling just like you! We'd all love to capture a bit of his energy, right? Rather than bottle it, seems more appropriate in filament form, don't you agree? The metallic finish is indeed energetic, and it's Joel's favorite color, blue! Yes, Highfive Blue HTPLA  is awesome. Even more awesome is that 5% of sales support Joel's favorite charity, Seattle Children's Hospital.

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Technical data sheets available for download here

Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets available for download here.


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Fleck 'n fun with Joel Telling!

  • Our 1st metallic finish filament & 2nd sparkly release after Stardust
  • In collaboration with content creator 3D Printing Nerd, Joel Telling
  • Joel's favorite color, blue, with medium silver fleck in HTPLA
  • Medium fleck brings balance of layer-hiding texture & detail
  • Premium HTPLA for world-class quality, finish & performance


Semi crystalline, heat treatable PLA for high temp use

Density: 1.24 g/cc
Length: 346 m/kg (1.75) 130 m/kg (2.85)
Typical Printing Temp: 205-225 C
Glass Transition (Tg)*: 60 C
Peak Crystallization (Tc)**: 95-115 C
Onset to Melt (Tm)***: 155 C
Typical change when heat treated: -2% x/y +1% z

Link to Safety Data Page

*max use with no heat treat & max platform temp
**heat treating @ temp 10+ min depending on size/mass
***max use when heat treated (annealed or crystallized)


HTPLA prints well at 205-225 C, however it's important to match temp to your hardware & volume flow rate. With a typical hotend, you should be able to print at 205 C without jamming at a low flow rate. In machines with hardware that tends towards jamming, consider this video with Joel Telling.

Lower volume flows require lower temps, while higher volume flows require higher temps. In the previously-mentioned video, one way to overcome jamming is to set your temp to a higher-than-typical 240 C. This should then be matched with a high flow rate for a quality printing result.

For direct drives with a short distance between drive gears & nozzle, volume flows can approach 7-8 cubic mm/s or more if printing hot to overcome jamming. For bowden tubes where the distance between drive gear & nozzle are great or less powerful hotends, as little as 2 and as much as 4 cubic mm/s may be the limit. Beware of unintended speed changes from faster infills & slowing down for outlines or short layers. Consider our Ultimaker-specific blog for more on this topic.

A constant speed throughout the part is ideal from an extrusion perspective. Knowing your extrusion width, layer thickness & speed you can calculate your volume flow rate with the calculator like found in the previously-mentioned Ultimaker blog. Alternatively, if you know your volume flow rate limit, extrusion width & layer thickness, you can calculate your speed limit.

Heat Treat

PLA & HTPLA are amorphous in structure as printed (no heat treating) & though both are adequate performers in an office environment, they have poor temperature stability, loosing significant stiffness at temps nearing 60 C. Different than standard PLA, HTPLA is designed to survive heat treating for higher temp stability in a no/minimal load condition to near onset of melting (155 C). That's an astonishing improvement in thermal stability compared to standard PLA after a quick bake in the oven after printing.

In as little as 5-10 minutes for small, thin parts, HTPLA quickly crystallizes in an oven at 95-115 C (200-240 F) to become more stiff & hold form above glass transition (60 C). Depending on part geometry, setup & technique, parts can deform and shrink. Best results are with flat and/or supported parts with 100% infill. In this instance we experienced x/y shrinkage of about 2% & growth of about 1% in z.

Be sure to avoid hot spots (non-radiating surfaces & no glowing coils) in the oven used for baking & experiment before baking a prized part. Un-printed filament works great for experimentation & translucent makes the transformation most visible! Heat treating is an art, but the resulting improved thermal performance, if needed, is well-worth exploring. You'll be shocked by the improved thermal stability of your HTPLA parts!!!


Material Safety Data

Blog about heat treating

Heat treating application blog

Avoiding Jams on your Prusa blog

Avoiding Jams on your Prusa video

Tuning for your Prusa blog

Tuning for your Ultimaker blog

Tuning for your Lulzbot blog

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John E.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Very nice filament color and quality!

Printed beautifully and even better color!


Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant


Michael M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

This filament is a Magnus Opus!

Every Single colour, or composition I have tried has turned out magnificent. Even the basic ones look fantastic but add in these more exotic ones like blood of my enemies & high five are simply stunning. (Empire Strikes filament on a Darth Vader bust with the wham bam plate is exquisite) Easy to print, looks astonishing and the customer service and shipping are top notch. in a world where every roll of filament seems to take multiple weeks to arrive their fast shipping is great. I am about to start printing with some of the copper/bronze filaments and am excited to see the results. After that the Endless Subscription is waiting to be formed and shaped. Cheers Lads & Lassies.


Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant

Great to hear!

Robert S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Blue sparkly

It seems to make better prints just due to the quality of the filament.


Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant

Thumbs up and high fives!!!

A Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant Customer
Mike C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fantastic color and results

Prints like a dream and looks like no other filament out there. I love it.


Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant

High five Mike!

Robert S.
United States United States
I recommend this product


The filament we bought has given us better results than the bargain PLA we were used to.


Protopasta, Filament by Protoplant

Great to hear!

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