Rusting Prints: Saltwater Soaking Method





A rusted print made from Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron PLA

UPDATE: Dustin has a new method of rusting your prints which is not only FASTER, it also avoids your print's infill filling with salt water.

 After a few more days of drying, my owl began to grown salt crystals on the surface as a result of the water evaporating out of the print's infill. It looks sort of cool, but also sort of weird, and when handling it, little chunks of salt fall off, yet it is pretty difficult to remove completely.

The coolest thing (I think) about our Magnetic Iron PLA is that you can rust prints made in this material! This gives a whole new look to 3D printed objects that is particularly great for cosplay, artifact replication, and decorative objects.

The easiest way to rust your print is soak it in a saline solution (lots of salt mixed into some water) for 1-3 days, depending on how rusty you want it.


What you Need:

  • Print made with our Magnetic Iron PLA
  • Wire brush
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Container big enough to hold your print while it soaks


  1. Briefly brush the print with a wire brush (to help expose more iron particles) 
  2. Mix together a lot of salt and warm water in your container
  3. Submerge your print and wait 1-3 days (or longer) until it's as rusty as you'd like
  4. Enjoy your rusty prints!