Rusty Metal March - more affordable metal printing for fun with magnetism & rust!

At ProtoPlant, we've gotten really good at compounding and extruding metal composites into filament.  We've been able to reduce our cost on Iron PLA, and we wanted to share the love so we dropped the price from $48 to $35.  Celebrate Rusty Metal March with us!

Proto-pasta is the easiest printing metal filament on the market and arguably the most fun and affordable as well.  How cool is the idea of creating a modern artifact?  The past and future collide with rusty metal 3d prints!  Don't forget the opportunity to incorporate magnetism into your prints as well!!!

Here are some more reasons why iron is awesome:

  • Weighted feel with 1.5x the density of standard PLA
  • Rustable to create modern artifacts in a few easy steps
  • Attracts magnets (neodymium type recommended for strongest attraction)
  • More thermally conductive than standard plastic
  • Prints easily like PLA with less nozzle wear than Steel or Carbon Fiber
  • More filament for your money - 2x the length of Bronzefill (500g Iron = 1kg Bronzefill)


What will you print?  Make sure to share and tag Proto_pasta on your favorite social media platform!  For more info, check out our product description and rusting instruction: