Scent, texture & sheen - Perspective brings new dimensions to 3D Printing

This month we celebrate 3 years since kickstarting the Proto-pasta brand.  At that time, we approached 3D Printing as engineers with a laser focus on material performance and quality, but little consideration for aesthetic and user experience.  This month, I introduce to you 3 new materials with more depth and dimension: scent, texture, and sheen.  

Consider mass manufactured plastic parts.  We are removed from the scent of melted plastic and have more texture and sheen choice, right?  To unlock the potential of 3D Printing, we need more finish choice and a more pleasant process of making!  Printing in shiny, stinky plastic just doesn't cut it!!!  That's why we've evolved our perspective over the last 3 years to keep performance in mind while further considering scent, texture, and sheen for 3D Printing.

This month, we share the results of our latest experiments with you.  Matte Fiber HTPLA offers low luster texture in a wider variety of colors and with higher performance than many existing wood and ceramic 3D Printing composite filaments.  Alternatively, Aromatic HTPLA adds heat activated scent for your further printing and heat treating enjoyment.  Cool parts have no scent, but are left with an incomparable natural color and texture.

This holiday season, please enjoy our latest attempt to challenge convention and improve the printing experience!  Aromatic Cinnamon accompanies Coffee while gray and green expand out Matte Fiber color choices beyond red, white, blue, and black.  Get your today and make something special for someone special :-)