Gray or black? More options for beautiful, rigid Carbon Fiber 3D prints!

Are there any materials more iconic than Carbon Fiber? Protoplant first introduced Carbon Fiber PLA 3D printer filament to market more than 5 years ago, kickstarting the Proto-pasta brand. What started as a search for functional superiority led to the discovery of what still may be the most sought-after finish in 3D Printing.

Fast forward 5 years to now and you'll find an increasing number of filament options in Carbon Fiber with plenty of confusing claims. So how do you choose a Carbon Fiber filament? Well, if you're shopping based on price, want that iconic Carbon Fiber finish, and PLA properties are adequate, you'll still enjoy our original Carbon Fiber PLA, celebrating it's 5th anniversary.

Looking to elevate finish and function beyond the original? Carbon Fiber HTPLA is now available in shades of gray for rigid parts up to 160 deg C (320 deg F) after heat treating. Enjoy top quality, professional finish and performance for accurate parts in demanding applications. More below...

Carbon Fiber greyscale

As part of this expanded Carbon Fiber HTPLA offering, we've prepared more supporting information to improve your understanding and bring you greater success with Carbon Fiber HTPLA.