Protopasta Carbon Fiber HTPLA in Maker Box

Maker Box, founded 2016, has often featured Protopasta Filaments (see past boxes here) and features Dark Gray Carbon Fiber HTPLA this month!

Not familiar with Maker Box? Founded in 2016 by two college students looking for ways to try new filaments, Maker Box is a service that seeks out interesting filaments and sends samples to their customers every month. Protopasta is one of only a few filament brands to offer small, affordable coils to test materials before investing in a spool. For all those that don't, Maker Box remains a great way to try a variety of filament brands and types. Not subscribed? Sign up here!

Making coils and Maker Box is no doubt a labor of love. 3D Printing community member Matthew Gorton may not have founded Maker Box, but as the current owner, he hand picks filaments to curate every month's contents. It's his active connection to the community and relentless interest in materials that fuels the future of Maker Box. 

So why Carbon Fiber HTPLA in Maker Box now? Black Carbon Fiber HTPLA may not be a new material, but it's likely underutilized. It's exceptionally stiff, typically easy to print, and may be more useful than you realize! It's a performance value with many opportunities for use specifically related to it's higher heat performance potential through heat treating. While standard, amorphous PLA looses form in the hot sun, heat treated Carbon Fiber HTPLA remains stiff and holds form.

Another reason to select Carbon Fiber HTPLA is the aesthetic. It has an amazing, professional look that's hard to beat. Want a print that doesn't look 3D printed? Carbon Fiber is a great choice! Just this year, we introduced Carbon Fiber HTPLA in a range of grays for more professional, layer-hiding options. Gray or black, the black carbon and white titanium dioxide additives, also help absorb and reflect, respectively, the sun's energy for even more performance perks.

Grays are great, but if you want a similar look in a wider range of colors, check out Matte Fiber HTPLA for more professional, low-gloss colors without the additional nozzle and other machine wear that comes along with extended use of carbon fiber-filled materials.

For more details on Carbon Fiber HTPLA, please consider our revised product page with new tab structure which includes the description, tech specs, safe handling, packaging, printer, heat treating, examples, and uses. While on the product page, be sure to consider our many thoughtful customer reviews. Here's a preview of the 3 most recent reviews at the time of this article:

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