Protopasta filament extrusion *live* at ERRF 2019 - a must-attend event!

What the ERRF? You heard it here folks! Protopasta joins ERRF 2019 (Get Tickets Here) as a Platinum sponsor and plans to make filament on site at this premier community-based 3D printing festival coming to Bel Air, Maryland USA this October. As one chapter in the maker movement closes with Maker Media ceasing operations, ERRF 2019 evolves to bring Darwin's creator Adrian Bowyer to celebrate 15 years of the blossoming Rep Rap sub-movement.

ERRF 2019
If you weren't already planning to attend ERRF 2019 based on special guest Adrian Bowyer, then maybe live Protopasta production will convince you! In only 5 short years, Protopasta, who first brought you community-funded materials with a pure engineering focus, continues to evolve and re-connect with the community through new and exciting products. In those 5 years, we've only once extruded filament at a public event, September 2014's Portland Mini-Maker Faire where John Biehler first covered how we make 3d printing filament.

Bowl of Carbon Fiber Pasta
Protopasta's growth and success is thanks to community support, our dedicated team, and creative exploration supported in-part by our in-house-developed, purpose-built extrusion technology. Typically, you must travel to our Vancouver, Washington headquarters for events like our filament workshop to get fresh extruded filament, but we dared ask the question, "Can we make it mobile?"

Colorful transition
Mobile extrusion brings Protopasta even closer to our customers. Unlike a workshop, we don't plan to custom-design recipes on-the-spot, but we are preparing inspirational filaments that will likely tie into other products and collaborations. If you aren't already subscribed to Endless Pastabilities, you'll want to make sure and do so before the event! We'll also be cooking up fun and games with Project FDL.

Carbon Fiber Project FDL blaster
Can't make it to ERRF? See how we make filament on YouTube and keep in touch by subscribing to our product loyalty newsletter for product news, support, and discounts! Not only are loyal subscribers "in-the-know" but they also enjoy 10% off orders over $99 every day. Hope to see you in October at ERRF 2019!

Thumbs up to making filament at Maker Faire

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