Endless Pastabilities #10 - 3D Printing Sculpture Materials

Contents: White Marble, Obsidian, and Good as Gold HTPLA

photo of 3 icosahedrons in gold, obsidian, marble


This month, we’ve created a beautiful series to replicate natural elements of the earth. Inspired by our friend Derek at 3D Printed Debris, this collection began with a White Marble he uses for busts of some of the greatest thinkers and leaders of our time. 

Derek’s love of 3d printing arose as a hobby, just like so many of us. An engineer by day, Derek started by building his own printer, and spent months making all the perfect tweaks. Still in use today, that printer made products that funded the next printer, and the next, and so on… His hobby quickly grew to a place where he felt he could rely on the income a bit. And with two children starting college soon, this side hustle came at just the right time! 

Inspired by some of the greatest minds in history, Derek worked with a couple artists to recreate some recognizable faces in incredible detail. You can find just about anyone in his collection. Whether you’re looking for an admired former president, need some artistic inspiration from a classic sculpture, or want to surprise your favorite scientist with their hero, 3D Printed Debris can help you out. And check out that precision! 

photo of 3d printed sculptures and busts


Coronavirus brought about some unexpected challenges for Derek. Like so many stories out there, Derek’s suppliers weren’t able to meet his demand with factories being shut down and the virus taking over our lives. In an effort to keep his business going, he reached out to Protoplant to see if we could recreate his signature filaments. He needed to know we would provide consistency, reliability, and quality at a price he could work with. We feel so fortunate we were able to help Derek, and have forged ahead with a great partnership!

As a complement to Derek’s White Marble, we’ve expanded with a few other “natural minerals”: Gold and Obsidian. With just the right amount of glitter, these two filaments add beauty and sparkle to just about anything. All three can be printed just the same as all your favorite HTPLAs, but if you’re looking for a little more help, consider these tips for getting started.

The three together are phenomenal, and we’re so excited to see what our fans create this month!

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