Endless PETG #5 (November 2022) - Stardust and Cloverleaf Green

Our 5th and final (more about that later) installment of Endless PETG brings our original glitter poppin’ HTPLA filament and a beloved metallic green to PETG.

Stardust is heavy on the texture and big on sparkle with 100 micron silver glitter. The translucent base lets you see deep inside for more glitter fleck. Thin layers will lay the glitter parallel to the layers while thicker layers allow multiple orientations. Stardust also makes a great accent to other colors and in a single layer can add silver glitter while being able to see another material through the translucent base.

We’re lucky to have Cloverleaf Green in PETG as well. Gold pearl warms up this green and adds just the right amount of texture. The texture is much more subtle than with glitter in Stardust for a classy finish that’s still fun. Consider pairing with Candy Apple Red or Empire Strikes Black for some spirited holiday prints.

Bringing some of our most popular HTPLA colors to PETG in 2022 has been great, but here’s what you can look forward to in 2023:

A continuation of Endless (PLA) Pastabilities where we will keep bringing you new HTPLA colors. We often release these new colors, but we may not always. We might even introduce you to other easy-printing materials including an occasional PETG or other polymers we think you’ll enjoy. Still, we’ll mostly explore color in HTPLA.

With all the colors we plan to keep adding, we need to make room for more. You can find our recently added “On SALE” collection for deals on perfectly good Pasta that needs a new home.

When we introduced Endless PETG, we saw it as a way to introduce our most beloved HTPLA colors in a new material at a regular cadence. We feel the subscription has done its job, and while we will occasionally release new colors in PETG, we will not continue the subscription. Existing subscribers will not be charged further, and your orders going out next week will be the last.

Thank you for having been an Endless PETG subscriber! We invite you to subscribe to Endless PLA, enjoy our released PETGs, and stay tuned for more from Protopasta!

All our best,

Alex and the Protopasta Team


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