Endless PLA #25 (June 2023) - See (Sea?) what we're up to!

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Look what the sea dragged in!!!

This month’s colors and designs are children of the sea. Our minds adrift, we beached on the idea of sea glass. I love hunting for all the smooth stones and glass in the sand, don’t you? So many inspiring colors and textures!


But how to choose? We were first drawn to the lighter blues, greens, and blue-greens. Then, I thought, “Where does sea glass come from?” Bottles, right? We found the most prevalent bottle colors, other than clear (like Iridescent Ice), are blue, green, and brown.


You love our translucent colors like Blood of My Enemies, Bobbi’s Purple Iris, and Silver Smoke so we hope you love Cobalt Blue (COB), Soda Green (SOG), and Bottle Brown (BOB) as well!

translucent filament

These versatile colors are a gem! Use them to print jewelry or “stained glass”. Great for thin wall parts, Corey of CM Designs ran (swam?) with the bottle and sea inspiration for 3 new models.

full bottle banner

From sea shells to ropes and anchors to ship barrels, you can see the sea of inspiration! Each bottle is thoughtfully designed as a solid with all features at a minimum 45 degree slope to help ensure success when printing a single wall with 0% infill.

 bottle neck banner

Choosing spiralize or vase mode for a continuous wall without starts and stops. This minimizes gaps and print time while maximizing quality. Use extrusion width to adjust thickness. Together with layer height, speed, and temperature, you can adjust the look and performance of your prints.

light and dark
Ready to print your own? Download these 3 designs for free from your favorite model platform by clicking an icon below.


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All our best,

Alex and the Protopasta Team

P.S. Looking for more inspiration? Here are some additional links:

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