Endless PLA #26 (August 2023) - Floating an idea...

How is it that summer gets so busy? It feels like the epitome of work hard, play hard. We spend so much time enjoying trips and family that we have just enough time to get our work done. It’s a funny paradox too in that the change of scenery often brings new inspiration with less time to act on it.

Kudos to Corey who seized the moment on his recent trip to turn his downtime inspiration into a fun sticker design (below) we included in this month’s subscription delivery.

Our minds adrift, Corey keeps us afloat with inspiring new designs! Pool floats are a perfect complement to this month’s new Protopasta colors!!! These floaties are bright, fun, functional, and a bit silly in all the right ways 🙂

Coaster or Koozie? Your can or bottle sits partially inside! Print with a single filament or multiple. Stack for a bold beach vibe and enough coasters to go around!!!

Did you notice this cup holder has a mini cup holder? How adorable!!! Use the last subscription delivery’s bottle colors for extra fun. All floats printed with minimal infill and variable layer height for low weight and high resolution top/bottom surfaces.

These designs highlight everything that is enjoyable about these new Protopasta colors! Kermie Green (KER), Tidal Turquoise (TDL), and Erratic Indigo (ERR) all use our new transition technique, introduced last February, where we change from one color to another in about 50g.

Enjoy our growing options using this technique!!! Subscription colors available individually at Protopasta.com the month following shipment to subscribers.

Ready to print your own? Download these unique designs for free from your favorite model platform by clicking an icon below.


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All our best,

Alex and the Protopasta Team