Endless PLA #27 (October 2023) Jurassic ERRF was awesome

We had a great time preparing for and at 3D Printopia! What is 3D Printopia? It's the East Coast Rep Rap Festival's (ERRF's) new name. Next year, ERRF will be 3D Printopia.

3D Printopia

After creating an epic Back to the Future DeLorean Death Racer for the Midwest Rep Rap Festival (MRRF), Ryan of Offset Maker Labs proposed making the Jurassic Park SUV below to compete with at ERRF (3D Printopia).

Jurassic SUV

Don't get stuck on the acronyms or intimidated by the term "Death Racers" (Facebook Group). It's all good fun! Thanks Ryan for allowing me (Alex @ Protopasta) to compete with your racer. Somehow the Velociraptor head was the last still attached and I won a 3D printer!!!

Want to build your own Death Racer and get a chance at glory, fame, and prizes? Access files for the build by becoming a Patreon of Michael Baddeley. But that's enough back story. The point is, we embraced the Jurassic Park theme! You can too with a t-shirt or sticker!!!

Jurassic Print

We needed a yellow and a dino green to support Ryan's build. A black with sparkly gold bits was also on theme, looks awesome, and compliments the green and yellow nicely. Enter Totally Translucent Yellow (TTY), Texas Tea Black (TEX) with Gold Glitter, and Derek's Olive Drab (OLD) from left to right below.

New colors!

With these and other Protopasta colors (like Heartthrob Red and Lootsef Green), Ryan completed his Death Racer, and together with Corey (CM Designs), we designed and printed all kinds of Jurassic-inspired things. Below is a look at some of the 3D prints we had at the event.

Those adorable, classic Flexi-Rex models can be found here. Ryan shared his Protopasta keychain and magnet designs here. Corey's keychain designs are linked here and here, and will be published on Cults, Printables, Thangs, and Thingiverse. Color changes can be added with any slicer and work with a single material filament 3D printer, but made easier with an AMS system like from Bambu or Prusa.

All the Rexs

Maybe we went a little overboard printing all the above Flexi Factory T-Rexs in nearly every Protopasta color? Nah. We had a ton of fun and you can too by downloading this file to print your own and/or supporting FlexiFactory on Patreon like us!

Looking for more fun things to print? Download a variety of unique designs for free from your favorite model platform by clicking an icon below.


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All our best,

Alex and the Protopasta Team