Endless PLA #28 (December 2023) - Happy Holidays!

The holiday experience is both vast and personal. It's familiar, and tradition-filled, but also connects us to what's next. New gadgets and goals for a new year keep things fresh while traditions anchor us to the past. It's a little old and a little new just like December's Endless PLA.

Traditions can be something to look forward to. They can also be something to dread. I heard the love for Pine and interest in bringing it back. It's definitely a unique and spirited Protopasta tradition to powderize pine needles and put them into filament. I love the concept, but I couldn't bring myself to commit the required time for such a labor-intensive process the last few years. Below is a video of the last time we made Pine.

Still recovering from the Pandemic and seeking to get back to lost things, we brought back the tradition of Holiday Pine in 2023! I'm proud to say our team improved the process to make more Pine filament this year than ever before!!!

Along with the tradition of Holiday Pine (PIN), we created some new colors: Night Before Blue (NBB) and Candle Light White (CLW). We hope you enjoy them all!

Holiday Pine has a light scent when warm during printing, but minimal odor when cool. It has an elegant semi-translucence, gloss, and wood fleck texture. Candle Light White is a white with Gold Glitter. The gold glitter imparts a flickering flame-like fleck and warm undertone that reminds me of candle light. Night Before Blue is a dark blue with silver glitter reminiscent of the night sky on a cold, clear night before Christmas.

In compliment to these filaments, we continued our collaboration with Corey (CM Design) to make some retro designs that pair nicely with these new colors. What a joy it is to work with Corey! And what a wonderful result, don't you agree?

The plaid pattern is particularly crafty and the thermos it wraps around can even store the Lincoln-inspired logs. Just look at that log house! I wonder what else can be made with those logs? Doesn't the Happy Holidays transport you to another time (and warmer climate)? Finally, this must be the cutest cup of cocoa I've ever seen 3D printed. Click on the social icons below to see videos of these designs.

We're committed to continue collaborating with Corey in 2024 for fun designs like these and you support our work with your subscription. Thank you! The above designs won't be available on the below model platforms below until January 2024, but subscribers get a link through email to get them early. You'll find past models on your favorite model platforms by clicking the icons below.



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We hope you enjoy December's contents!!!

Take care and happy holidays,

Alex and the Protopasta Team